China Medical University International Student Admission For 2016 Fall Semester Is Now Open For Application And Scholarship


★CMU International Student Admission for 2016 Fall Semester is now open for application★

Please refer to our website at for admission brochure, detailed regulations, requirements and application documents.

Please submit your application formally before the deadline.

2016 Important Dates for International Student Admissions:

   (1)Application deadline: 2016/3/31

   (2)Letters sent to applicants: 2016/5/20

   (3)Registration: 2016/8

 Should you have any questions of application please contact Laurel.


 Phone:+886-4-22053366 ext.1611

★Taiwan Scholarship :

Scholarships offered by various organizations have different regulations. Please note that applicants who awarded any scholarship are NOT guaranteed a university entrance admission, and vice versa.

International students may apply for the Taiwanese Scholarship offered by the government. Please check the Ministry of Education website. Applicants may apply from February 1st till end of March every year at the Taiwan Overseas Mission (TOM) in their countries or the nearest country in case there is no TOM in the country.

★China Medical University International Student Scholarship :
1. Full time postgraduate international students and overseas Chinese students only. Those who have accepted other forms of government funded scholarships (including Taiwan Scholarship provided by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education) are not eligible to apply or disqualified. Full time students must devote in the research for at least 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday.
2. (1) 50% tuition will be waived for top 20 percent students for the first year.
    (2) A stipend of NTD 10,000 per month will be given for the first and second year.

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